ค่ายมวย บัญชาเมฆ (BANCHAMEK GYM)

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Banchamek Gym

Feature : Ecological Thai Way Its might have no need to describe much about the worldwide famous “Banchamek” Boxing Camp and rare people don’t know the guy name “Buakaw” or Sombat Banchamek, in his official name. The chief boss of Banchamek Camp, at Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai where many outstanding boxers star were trained and won many championships, such as the “Super Bon Banchamek” WBC champion, M-One champion, Isuzu Cup champion,

The champion of Thailand 135 pound and as well Petchtanong Banchamek” WBC championship Additional to training professional boxers, big boss Banchamek also has the concept to make the boxing camp combining thg living of Thai traditional way of life and the life without dependence on material under the empire of “Buakaw Village”, as he wants everyone who come to learn boxing, not only taking boxing skill subject but also learning self-reliable living as the special package added to make the difference to the boxing camp business. How are the detail, must try it by yourselves.

Prominent Features

– Buakaw is the top magnet of Banchamek Gym.
– Learn Thai Muay Thai martial art in Buakaw
– Privacy available for serious practice.

Open Tuesdays – Sun: Morning 07.00 – 10.00 hrs, Evening 16.00-19.00 hrs.
Facilities : 21 guesthouses with 2 meals.
Price; Thai 400 baht/session (group study) and 800 baht /
session (single course). Foreigner 800 baht/session (group
study) and 1,200 baht / session (single course).
Package includes room: Single room 3,000 baht / day
20,000 baht / week 74,000 baht / month 148,000 / 2 months
(per persons) Twin room 1,500 baht / day 10,000 baht
week 42,000 baht / month 84,000 / 2 months (per person)

Location : Buakhao Village 5/1 Moo 3, Banpao Sub-district, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai 50150
Website :
E-mail :
FB : Banchamek Gym IG : Buakaw1 Line Id: banchamek
Mobile: 096 627 5499

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