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Robocop vs Yodpayak / Omnoi Stadium April 6th

Yodpayak explodes forward, a whirlwind of kicks and punches aimed at RoboCop’s vulnerable joints. But the cyborg is a granite wall, servos whirring as he deflects each blow with inhuman precision. Yodpayak, frustrated, rains down a knee strike, only to hear a sickening clang as it meets RoboCop’s adamantium thigh. The champion staggers back, momentarily

Nueng Siam Vs Super Jew / Omnoi Stadium April 6th

Nueng Siam utilizes his superior footwork to circle Super Jew, peppering him with sharp elbows and knees from the clinch. Super Jew, however, weathers the storm and responds with bone-crushing leg kicks that send shivers down Nueng Siam’s spine.As the fight progresses, Nueng Siam starts to pick apart Super Jew’s defenses with his technical brilliance.

Wuttikorn Vs Petch Sangwal / Omnoi Stadium March 16th

As the fight progresses, Wuttikorn starts to find his rhythm, slipping past Petch Sangwal’s defenses and landing some solid punches. Petch Sangwal, however, counters with devastating elbows out of the clinch, leaving Wuttikorn with a reddening mark over his eye. The pace quickens in the later rounds, both fighters trading blows in an all-out war.

SuperBright Vs Tanthep / Omnoi Stadium March 16th

The opening bell rings, and SuperBright explodes forward with a spinning back kick that just whistles past Tanthep’s ear. Tanthep remains composed, employing his side-steals to nullify SuperBright’s flashy attacks, SuperBright realizing his initial strategy might not work, adjusts his tactics. He starts utilizing more feints and footwork, circling Tanthep and frustrating the counter puncher’s

Petch Pichitchai Vs Dum Duead / Omnoi Stadium March 16th

Petch Pichitchai Vs Dum Duead Dum Duead, sensing he’s down on the scorecards, throws caution to the wind in the later rounds. He corners Petch against the ropes and unleashes a barrage of punches. Petch, showcasing his defensive brilliance, slips and weaves through the onslaught, answering with a perfectly placed elbow that stuns Dum Duead.

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