Training equipment is important. For the practice of beginners and professionals because it will give you a good experience in training and also to practice effectively. It is an essential element of boxing training that a trainer must have for a boxer to practice. The training equipment is also divided into various types and sizes so that they can be used according to the appropriate training. Can be divided into PADS , BOXING MITTS , BOXING BAGS and also subdivided into different sizes, SKS EMPIRE has a range of training equipment to choose from in all forms.

SKS Empire Continuously innovating and developing training equipment in order to make the equipment suitable for use and to withstand continuous use. We have a wide range of surface materials to choose from, whether it’s genuine leather, PU leather, micro-leather and foam inner layer that have been carefully selected to make the device of SKS Empire. best quality

We also pay attention to the shape of the equipment that may affect training in order to fit the equipment characteristics that have been tested by professional trainers and boxers. That it is the right shape and the best training experience, and SKS Empire is also the brand with the most product colors to choose from, with more than 10 colors to choose from. And it also includes various special patterns as well.


1. What types of Training equipment does SKS Empire offer?

Training equipment is divided into three main categories:
PADS is divided into several types.
BOXING MITTS are divided into 3 sizes.
BOXING BAGS are boxing bags that are available in a variety of sizes depending on the location and training style.

2. How to choose the right equipment for use?

PADS is divided into several types.
– KICK MULTI PAD is a rather large piece of equipment suitable for a trainer who is quite skilled in training. It is a target that can be used for low kicks and may also be used as a body target.

– KICK PADS It is quite popular with both beginners and pros because it is a versatile target that can be used for both kicks and punches.

– MUAY THAI BELLY PADS It is a belt-style device that will be suitable for professional trainers to use for training fighters. It is a unique target used to protect against kicks and knee attacks.

– WALL UPPERCUT It is a device that is like a multi-directional training target. It is a device that must be firmly attached to the wall, making it suitable for a boxing camp or gym.

BOXING MITTS are divided into 3 sizes.
– SMALL FOCUS MITTS It is a small target that will be used for training that emphasizes the speed of punching, so it is suitable for professional boxers with precision punching. If newbies use it, it may cause injury in training.

– CURVED FOCUS MITTS It’s a medium-sized target. That is a target form for practicing international boxing. It is considered a target that can be used to punch a variety of moves. So it can be used by both beginners and professionals.

– LARGE FOCUS MITTS It’s a large target that can be used like a medium-sized target, but may also be used to practice high-kicking moves. It is considered the most versatile target.

BOXING BAGS are boxing bags that are available in a variety of sizes depending on the location and training style.
– PUNCH BAGS It is a sack for serious training. Because it is a large equipment that can be used for all kinds of target training, it is suitable for boxing camps who want to train hard. It will definitely be a good sparring partner for you.

3. For a newbie, what kind of training equipment should I use?

For beginners looking for a piece of boxing training equipment. We also recommend Kick pads because they are very versatile and can be used for both kicking and punching, and they come in three sizes that you can choose from to suit your trainer.

4. How can I keep my Training equipment clean?

After a long training It’s normal to see that your boxing training gear is sweaty. and if left unattended There may be an unpleasant smell coming from the device. and may cause the quality of the material to deteriorate faster than usual Therefore, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment after training.

Use a leather-friendly cleaner. Pour onto a soft cotton cloth and wipe the outside of the training gear. Then remove excess solution with toilet paper. Do this after each training session to keep your training gear looking like new.

5. How to order Training equipment from SKS Empire?

You can easily buy Training equipment online with us! Simply choose your product, fill in your details, shipping address, and select your payment method. Then place your order and await its delivery. Whether you are anywhere in the world, our Training equipment Worldwide shipping is sure to reach your front door.