ค่ายมวย ดาบรันสารคาม (DABRUN SARAKHAM CAMP)

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Dabrun Sarakham Camp

Feature : Modern & One Stop Service

Dabrun Sarakham Camp is the northeastern cultural Muay Thai Gym which is one of the most accepted gyms by Muay Thai fans, by the management of Pol.Capt. Niran Yotpon or “Phu Kong Ran.” He is an important person in the northeastern boxing circles with the concept to push the Muay Thai gym to be a center of Muay Thai arts conservation. He has begun to establish the camp since B.E. 2550 and the camp has the famous boxer with hundred thousand of performing fee like “Chucharoen Dabrun Sarakham,” the champion of Lumpini boxing ring and experienced trainers going through the boxing circles like Abhisit Thongrongnin or Kru Aun, the former boxer and 2016 Excellent Trainer, “Thongkham Pakare” and “Kong E-san Sor Suphaporn” have fought on the standard boxing rings like Lumpini- Ratchadamnoen.

Dabrun Sarakham Camp is considered a learning center of Muay Thai because it opens for the university to practice, learn Muay Thai arts, and certify by issuing the training course certificate. It has created profession for new generation who wants to be trainers. Now Dabrun Sarakham Camp does not only work as a boxing profession ,but it also provides services for people interested in Muay Thai and they can make a reservation for basic short-course or long course with accommodation. It is another camp which is interesting in Maha Sarakham downtown.

Prominent Features

– Northeastern cultural Muay Thai Gym accepted by Muay Thai fans
– Conserve Thainess and have experienced Muay Thai trainers
– Guaranteed by awards like Young Muay Thai Gym by Popular Votes, Excellent Muay Thai Gym of Maha Sarakham

Open every day : Practicing Time 16.00 – 21.30
Facilities : Homestay, 3 meals, and travel service
Price : Thai people 150 baht/time Foreigner 500 baht /time
Package for foreigner : 3,000 baht / week, 14,000 baht / 30 days, and 25,000 baht / 2 months

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