โรงเรียนสอนมวยไทยครูดาม (KRUDAM GYM)

   Krudam Gym by Dam Srichan or “Krudam,” the national athlete of Thailand`s Championship for amateur Thai Boxing of Amateur Muaythai Assocition of Thailand. He stared from liking fighting sports and when he quit from being the national athlete, he wanted to teach ‘hai for foreigners to publicize the martial arts through muay Thai. Therefore, he established Krudam Gym in 2553, which provides courses from beginner to advance level for general students and trainers. After finishing the  courses, the students will get the certificate from Krudam Gym certified by Ministry of Education.
   Apart from opening Krudam Gym, Krudam Gym also works for professional boxing by operating the project of the Muay Thai Conservation Center located in Nakhon Ratchasima. He established the boxing gym in the school by his own investment money and built children from this project for boxing competition. The child he built who having a promising future like “Dan Siam Krudam Gym” could be a champion of Young Amateur Muaythai World’s Championship from Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand. Besides, he trained the French boxer “Remy vectol” who kept for practicing at the gym until he could be a champion of the World Boxing Council Muaythai. It has been considered a strong point and a selling point of Krudam Gym which will probably be another choice for the best Muay Thai gym of the era.

Prominent Features

– Taught by Kru Dam, renowned national team athlete, a ground player for 5 kinds of fighting sports
-Teaching system based on proper techniques, using parts of body, and posture

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Open every day : Monday-Friday 10.00 – 21.00, Saturday-Sunday 10.00 -19.30
Facilities : Shared room – 3 meals – พาไปชมการแข่งขันชกมวยเวทีราชดำเนิน – ลุมพินี
Price : For group 550 baht /time, 4,900 baht / 10 times,and 8,900 baht / 20 times
For personal 1,500 baht / time, 9,900 baht / 10 times,and 17,900 baht / 20 times
Price including accommodation package : 15,400 baht/ week, 29,900 baht / 2 weeks, and 56,100 baht / month

Location : 67 Sukhumwit 36, Sukhumwit Road, PhraKhanong Sub-area, Khlong Toei Area, Bangkok, 10110
Website :
Mobile : 084 108 6652, 095 957 0169

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