Protective gear is an essential part of any boxing training, whether it be Muay Thai or international boxing. The focus on preventing injuries during training is the first thing that the Trainer and the boxers must pay attention to because if they get hurt during training, they can be dangerous. As a result, unable to fight.

SKS Empire produces protective gear for boxing training that is suitable for both novice and professional boxers. Our protective equipment can be divided into SHIN GUARD , HEAD GUARD , MOUTH GUARD & HAND WRAP that have been developed to produce high quality protective equipment that is resistant to continuous training.

SKS Empire Protective gear can be regarded as a Thai work of art in which Thai motifs are inserted into the protective gear and is also a unique pattern of SKS Empire. such as, a Sakyant pattern that can be considered as a Thai cultural art. And our protective gear is also available in a variety of colors such as red, black, white, blue, green and many other colors, and in the future there will be more colors and patterns for everyone to choose from.


1. What are the protective equipment of SKS Empire?

SKS Empire protective equipment can be divided into SHIN GUARD , HEAD GUARD , MOUTH GUARD & HAND WRAP. Made of genuine leather, PU leather and micro leather, including accessories with special patterns.

2. Who is the right size Protective gear for?

SKS Empire protective gear has been made available in sizes suitable for both children and adults. There are sizes from XS, S, M, L, XL and there are also special sizes that are suitable for small children from 2 years old and above.

3. How do I choose the right protective gear for me?

The question of “what size of boxing gloves should I get?” is somewhat a complicated question to answer. As there are many different sizes to choose from. To start with, glove sizes are displayed in ounces, which can range from 6oz. youth mitts to 20oz. heavyweight gloves. To find out the correct size, you need 3 measurements: your height, your weight, and the circumference of your dominant hand.

There are size charts in which you can easily compare your measurements to the most fitting boxing gloves size, but sometimes it can be confusing. Contact us today and we can help determine the best fit for your fists.

4. How can I keep my Protective gear clean?

   After intense training, the protective gear becomes sweaty that causes odors and stains. Most of the time, once a boxer or trainer has completed a training session, the protective gear is placed or kept in storage immediately without neglecting to clean it up after a long period of use. It will cause an unpleasant smell to use.

  Cleaning and caring for our protective equipment to last a long time can be done easily by the following methods.

  • Use a leather-friendly cleaning solution, pour on a soft cotton cloth and wipe the exterior of your gloves. Then remove any excess solution with a paper towel. Do this after each training session to keep your protective gear looking like new.
  • After wiping the exterior surfaces clean, blow dry the device with a blow dryer to quickly dry the sweat attached to the protective gear. It will help reduce the musty smell and not cause germs. Do not store the device in a closed or damp room as it will slow down the drying of our device. If left for a long time, it will cause a bad odor due to the accumulation of bacteria.
  • Don’t wash your protective gear with a washing machine or put them in a dryer after cleaning. Doing so will ruin the texture of your protective gear and ruin your glove’s foam padding, reducing their lifespan.
5. How to order Protective gear from SKS Empire?

You can easily buy Protective gear online with us! Simply choose your product, fill in your details, shipping address, and select your payment method. Then place your order and await its delivery. Whether you are anywhere in the world, our Protective gear Worldwide shipping is sure to reach your front door.