SKS Velcro Boxing Gloves Special “Lumpinee”


SKS Muay Thai Boxing gloves “New SKS Lumpinee” specifications

Muay Thai gloves “New SKS Lumpinee”. Get blessed from the famous Lumpinee Stadium wherever you train !

Authentic, 100% leather, high density, perfect for all types of boxing : boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and suitable for training and sparring, the boxing gloves “New SKS lumpinee” are a real deal and will become a success partner in your journey to become a fighter !

  • hand made in Thailand
  • high quality padding
  • high density foam
  • cowhide leather fabric
  • large and safe velcro enclosure
  • from 8oz to 16oz
SKS Velcro Boxing Gloves Special “Lumpinee”
SKS Velcro Boxing Gloves Special “Lumpinee”
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