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Source of clips of matches in the ONE Lumpinee battle where SKS EMPIRE has supported Muay Thai athletes.

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Their first encounter at ONE Lumpinee met again. with a fierce battle between Maisangkum vs. Jomhot Charoenmuang


   Although this is not the first time that both of them have come up to boxing in the rules of Muay Thai. But this is the time that he has come up to fight at ONE Lumpinee. because in the field there are many spectators watching The more it is a fight between a Thai fighter and a Cambodian fighter. It is even more a fight that the audience is especially watching at this time.

The reunion at ONE Lumpinee 8

Coming to remove the insult Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon | ONE LUMPINEE 7

This fight paved the way for Rambolek to remove the insult he was often referred to as a retreating fighter. Rather than advancing forward, he therefore strives to train and adapt his fighting style to suit the battles of ONE LUMPINEE. Although it may not be easy to perform well in the first round of this bout, he is still there. Hope he does his best.


   RITTIDET KIATSONGRIT VS RITNAKA OR BOR JOR NAKHONPANOM, It is a fight of young Thai boxers who are skilled in fighting on a par with the seniors. Both of them are considered equal fighters in terms of physical and age that are not much higher than each other. with boxing power Therefore making them another fighter who will certainly create color for the ONE LUMPINEE 7 battle this time.

Fight that enthralled the audience every second between YODPHUPA WIMANAIR and ILYAS MUSAEV | ONE LUMPINEE 7

YODPHUPA WIMANAIR After finishing his ROAD TO ONE fight, he has the opportunity to compete in ONE Lumpinee. He is one step closer to his dream and hopes that one day he will be able to compete in the ONE Championship. Yes, follow his idols like Rodtang Jitmuangnon and Nong-O Gaiyanghadao. Which today is considered one step closer to the dream.

The CRAZIEST SAGAENGARM VS Petbanrai | ONE Lumpinee 7

SAGAENGARM Jitmuangnon VS Petbanrai Singha Mawynn

   It was a really crazy fight for this fighter. It’s like sending two tigers who can’t be on the same pitch to unleash their power so fiercely that it surprises us that Petbanrai Singha Mawynn is such a ferocious puncher.

Denkriangkrai Singha Mawynn VS Songchana Tor Brucelee Catchweight (58.9KG) Muay Thai ONE Lumpinee 5

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 

Denkriangkrai Singha Mawynn VS Songchana Tor Brucelee

   The second match of ONE Lumpinee 5 Denkriengkrai Singmawin vs. SongChana Tor BruceLee, who fights in catchweight Muay Thai, is another match to watch. They will definitely show their strength.

The reunion of the battle between “Alessandro” and “Erdem” In the battle of ONE Lumpinee 4

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 

Alessandro Sara” VS “Erdem Taha Dincer

 Alessandro Sara vengeance return on Friday night, February 10, was a key goal for Alessandro Sara as he needed to correct the mistake that had cost him his previous defeat against Erdem Taha Dincer. To have the opportunity to fight at ONE Lumpinee this time is a great opportunity to revenge against old opponent Erdem Taha Dincer.

“Chao Ngo” VS “An Ban Hua” The battle of dignity between Muay Thai and KunKhmer bloodlines

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 

“Chao Ngo” VS “An Ban Hua”

Received a special opportunity to be listed to compete in the Battle of Lumpinee Day. On Friday 10 February By the rival of Chao Ngo This time, it was An Bunhua. It is expected that “Chao Ngo” will definitely be the new favorite in the Lumpinee Battle of Lumpinee.

Ready to open the battle “BATMAN VS Duang Somphong” Preparing for the main event, ONE Lumpinee 4

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 

“BATMAN VS Duang Somphong”

ONE Lumpinee 4 Battle The meeting of 2 boxers who creates drama in the industry “Thai boxing flyweight (135 lbs.)


ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 


ONE Lumpinee 3 “CHORFAH TOR.SANGTIENNOI” Prepare to measure your skills with “PETSUKUMVIT BOI BANGNA” in the flyweight Thai boxing class (135 lbs.) to win the opportunity to advance to the world-class boxing in the ONE Championship in the future

Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor ,Why did you lose?

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 


 After a wave of criticism, ONE has revealed the scores for this match. It can be seen that the scores for both of them after the conclusion are equal, but according to ONE rules, there cannot be a draw, there must be only one winner. When the score is equal, the judges use the principle of selecting the winner from those who have a chance to win a knockout. The winner went to KOMAWUT who managed to get SANSIRI one count from the referee in the first round.

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 

Prajanchai PK.Saenchai vs. Kompetch Sitsarawatsuer. This is not the first time that Prajanchai PK.Saenchai has met with Kompetch Sitsarawatsuer. Earlier in 2020, Kompetch had won Prajanchai points before, then in the second meeting, Prajanchai was able to turn around and win Kompetch points. This ONE Lumpinee 20 Jan battle is considered the third meeting. And it was Kompetch’s revenge, who was determined to win back from Prajanchai.

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 

Khunsueklek Ufaboomdeksean VS Petbanrai Singha Mawynn,34 fights without losing.

ONE Lumpinee 5 Friday night 

“Khunsueklek Ufaboomdeksean” VS “Petbanrai Singha Mawynn”

The 17-year-old Muay Thai rising star, who holds a record of 34 unbeaten fights, met with a senior like Petbanrai Singha Mawynn, who said before the game that “You’re unbeaten because you’ve never met me.”