Muay Thai shorts

   Muay Thai shorts is one of the most iconic pieces of Thai boxing equipment we can all see at every gym, sparring match, or even in the big leagues. Thai boxers require full body agility to perform knee, elbow, and shin strikes, as well as teeps and clinches. That is why Muay Thai shorts have been a staple uniform of choice for beginners and professionals alike. So, buy Muay Thai shorts online and get ready to start swinging at this world-renowned martial art.

   SKS Empire offers you the most decent and high-quality Muay Thai shorts delicately handmade in Thailand. We made our shorts from satin blend fabric, a traditional fabric that is favored by many Muay Thai practitioners due to its flexibility and is breathable while also displaying a glossy finish. Our sewing process ensures a straight cut, giving the wearer the most mobility, especially when kicking or clinching. Additionally, our Muay Thai shorts comes with mesh panels on the sides, which protect the skin from getting any rash from sweat and keeps your skin dry throughout your training session.

   Choose from our various designs, whether it would be a classic cut, a dashing gladiator model, or renewed design in retro Muay Thai shorts all come in a vibrant selection of colors and foil logo for extra stylishness. If you wish to make your own unique Muay Thai shorts, SKS Empire can help you in every step from design to production and delivery. Please visit our custom order page.


1. Why are Muay Thai shorts so short?

This is probably one of the most outstanding differences that Thai Boxing has compared to other martial arts uniforms such as judo or taekwondo. Thai Boxers or Nak Muay required a wide range of motion to deliver strikes such as the knee, elbow, shin, as well as clinching. Thus, shorter shorts would allow for more mobility to perform those movements. In addition, weather conditions in Thailand can be quite hot and humid, which is why shorts and lesser clothing are preferred among most Muay Thai practitioners.

2. Are Muay Thai shorts necessary to train Thai Boxing?

The answer depends on how intense your trainings are and the requirements of your gym. If your gym does not propose any dress code, you would not need to put on proper Muay Thai apparel. However, if you are serious about your training and maximizing proficiency, decent clothing such as Muay Thai shorts and boxing gloves are the ideal attire. It is also important to note that Muay Thai is a respectable sport with Kru (instructor) and a long history of cultural significance. So, be sure to pay your respect where appropriate.

3. Are Muay Thai shorts unisex?

Yes, both men and women can wear the same Muay Thai shorts. However, there are variations in the design, colors, and materials used. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s preference of which style they like, what material is most comfortable to them, and the color or patterns they favor.

4. How do I choose my Muay Thai shorts?

There are some criteria to look at when you choose your first Muay Thai shorts. Without a doubt, size is the most crucial factor. You can choose from XS to XXL sizes, but be sure to check the size chart to see which one gives you a snug fit.

Next, the style is another thing that will make your shorts unique to others. The most common style of shorts for modern Muay Thai fighters has a retro look with a shorter length and a high cut. Conversely, classic shorts tend to be a bit longer. Furthermore, gladiator shorts are the most noticeable style inspired by traditional gladiator attire, and it may be the choice if you wish to stand out in the ring.

Another thing to consider is the fabric. Muay Thai shorts are made from a variety of such as satin, nylon, and cotton. The satin blend is perhaps the most popular as it is lightweight, comfortable, and durable. With that in mind, the price may also be a factor to look at if you wish to save some budget. For that, buying Muay Thai shorts online is among the lowest price options available. In addition, certain sites, such as SKS Empire, can provide Muay Thai shorts Worldwide shipping service, so you can get the best quality shorts anywhere in the world.

5. How to order Muay Thai shorts from SKS Empire?

You can easily buy Muay Thai shorts online with us! Simply choose your product, fill in your details, shipping address, and select your payment method. Then place your order and await its delivery. Whether you are anywhere in the world, our Muay Thai gloves Worldwide shipping is sure to reach your front door.