Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor ,Why did you lose?

Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor  ,Why did you lose?
Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor  ,Why did you lose?

Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor VS Kamawut FA Group

ONE Lumpinee, ONE Friday night

This bout is considered to be one of the toughest bouts of ONE Lumpinee (ONE FC).

Round 1 Considered a rather difficult fight for Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor, he was constantly hit by KOMAWUT, causing Sansiri to fall down until he was counted 8 times by the referee until he lacked confidence in the first round. This makes KOMAWUT continuously release weapons on Sansiri.

Round 2 SANSIRI started to feel confident again. It was a pretty good fight for him this round. Unleashing his weapon, KOMAWUT showed a clear expression of pain. This is considered an advantageous round for SANSIRI, even though KOMAWUT was able to drop some weapons on SANSIRI, but I must say that this round SANSIRI performed much better than the first round. Both the release of pressure weapons

Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor  ,Why did you lose?

Round 3 In this round, it can be seen that KOMAWUT is clearly exhausted. Until the end of the round, SANSIRI was unable to defend against SANSIRI’s attack. In this match, KOMAWUT could only stand up to SANSIRI’s weapon until the end of the round.

   It can be seen that in this fight, the way in round 1 will be the way for KOMAWUT to gain the advantage in the fight with the number of weapons issued. He was also able to get SANSIRI to hit the referee for 1 count, giving KOMAWUT the score of this round, but in rounds 2 and 3, SANSIRI had a clear advantage in the fight. He was able to regain his confidence and continue to fire on KOMAWUT. Until the audience in the field and the audience at home saw that this victory would definitely go to SANSIRI until the announcement of the winner this time. As a result, it was KOMAWUT who won this battle. Until causing a lot of discussions about what happened, why SANSIRI could lose points because SANSIRI should have won both the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Sansiri Petch Por Tor Aor  ,Why did you lose?

   After a wave of criticism, ONE has revealed the scores for this match. It can be seen that the scores for both of them after the conclusion are equal, but according to ONE rules, there cannot be a draw, there must be only one winner. When the score is equal, the judges use the principle of selecting the winner from those who have a chance to win a knockout. The winner went to KOMAWUT who managed to get SANSIRI one count from the referee in the first round.

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